Safety for Industrial Plants & Factory Grounds

Are you worried about security in your company? Potential dangers are manifold and affect every organization – no matter whether it is a large corporation, a medium-sized business or a logistics company.

In recent years there has been increasing media coverage of the rise in theft and burglary. Arson and industrial espionage are omnipresent risks that pose a real threat to any company. Demand in the area of plant security has increased correspondingly rapidly. Long-term protection is essential for the continuous growth of your company. Below you will find all information about the innovative plant security of Clear Security GmbH.

Why factory security is important – Reasons & advantages

There are many reasons for your company to use Clear Security’s professional factory security. The rise in robberies is just one of them. Others are e.g. sabotage, incidents, espionage etc. Our security service works preventively in the area of plant security. Targeted weak point analysis and the resulting development of measures is our core competence. This means that we recognize potential dangers in advance and avoid damaging events through our competent security services. Clear Security’s factory security has an impact on your overall business success.

Clear Security’s security services at a glance

Clear Security GmbH is your partner for security in Berlin and Brandenburg. Our company concentrates its work on four main areas: Object security, personal security, city patrol and event security. However, the focus is on object protection. We offer you complete security concepts against illegal attacks and adapt ourselves specifically to the needs and special features of your company. Our security service, which has been in existence for 10 years, employs almost 400 highly qualified employees who perform extensive tasks. Quality and customer satisfaction are our top priority. The following tasks are typical for plant security and are completely covered by Clear Security GmbH:

Completion and monitoring of freight traffic

Clear Security GmbH will be happy to assist you when it comes to the settlement and monitoring of your freight traffic. Well-trained employees of our security company ensure a smooth operation in your company.
Alarm services in case of malfunctions

You are looking for an attentive and professional alarm service for your company? And this should also fit your individual needs? Then our security company is the right partner for you.
Lift release

Everyone knows the situation or is afraid of it: getting stuck in an elevator. In such a case, a voice connection is established to us via an emergency call button and we look after the trapped persons until the elevator liberator arrives.
Operation of surveillance systems

You would like to keep an eye on your reception area via video surveillance? Or the entire premises? Today, the use of state-of-the-art video technology is an important component of well-positioned security concepts. In this area, too, we ensure the professional operation of your monitoring systems and thus your protection.
Fire protection guards

Fire raising is unfortunately a recurring problem in companies and organizations. In addition, accidental fires are caused by carelessness or wrong action. Our competent security service provides the necessary fire protection and relieves you of this problem.
Reception Service & Concierge Service

There is only a first impression, the saying goes. Therefore, it should be the business card of your company. Together with our customers, we coordinate the tasks of the reception service. This includes, among other things: The registration and support of customers and visitors, the acceptance and issue of the post, the issuing of visitor passes, etc. are all part of the service. More information about our offer can be found here: reception service & Concierge Service.
First Aid

First Aid can save lives! Far too few people know the correct procedure in an emergency or the last first aid course has been ages ago – panic arises. The employees of Clear Security GmbH are trained accordingly for emergencies and are available with competent expert knowledge and a steady hand until the emergency doctor arrives on site.
Measures to prevent industrial espionage

We work with you to prepare a comprehensive risk and vulnerability analysis and train and sensitize your employees for possible security gaps. In addition, we consistently monitor all anomalies and effectively protect information and communication channels.
Control of shipping documents

Clear Security GmbH is also happy to support you as an expert partner when checking shipping documents.
Checking the load securing

Incorrectly secured cargoes can cause considerable damage, whether to persons or property. Use our expert control of load securing for the safety of your employees and your products.
Object Protection

Industrial plants in particular require special object protection, since experience has shown that they are much more at risk. Clear Security GmbH offers the best protection and security for commercial objects. Benefit from the many years of experience of our employees in the field of property protection and convince yourself of our professionalism. Here, too, we are at your disposal for an initial consultation without obligation. You can find more information about our property protection here: object protection.
City Stripes

The feeling of fear is very strong in many districts with high crime rates or social hotspots. Our city patrol and our precinct service should counteract this feeling by showing security presence on site and thus efficiently avoiding escalations. More information about our city patrol can be found here: citypatrol.

Did your company have a break-in? Unfortunately, this is not uncommon. Protect yourself with our qualified territory service. We carry out inspection tours in and around your building at coordinated but irregular intervals. And this at every conceivable time of day and night. You can find more information about our district service here: Mobile patrols.
Gate control services

Our gate control service refers to the regulation, monitoring and control of passenger, vehicle and freight traffic at entrances or entrances to buildings. Among other things, we also check access authorisations, direct visitor traffic or check the security and reporting systems. For more information please contact us personally.
Environmental protection

Handling hazardous and environmentally harmful substances is a daily routine in many companies. And the challenges with regard to environmental protection are becoming ever greater. This is exactly what Clear Security can help you with. For example, we offer training courses on official and corporate environmental protection or advise you in detail on the possibilities of waste recycling and disposal. Please contact us for further information.

Why is Clear Security the best partner in Berlin & Brandenburg for your plant security?

We are experts. Our experience and flexibility make us a suitable partner for plant security. We attach great importance to the training and qualification of our employees. Therefore, our staff regularly attends further training courses, as the local conditions often require different qualifications. In addition, there is a legal minimum requirement for work in the security industry in the form of information in accordance with § 34a of the Industrial Code. This is verified by the Chamber of Industry and Commerce.
The plant security by Clear Security GmbH is innovative. Through our preventive approach and our holistic security concepts, we offer your company comprehensive protection. You can concentrate fully on your business and no longer have to worry about security aspects such as theft, burglary or vandalism. Protect your property from possible far-reaching financial losses, for example through the destruction or damage of production facilities. We recognize the dangers and take appropriate measures together with you. Because your trust is important to us.
Learn more about our comprehensive security and consulting concept and contact us today.

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