Our doormen take over the access and person control at your event

Bouncers – Function and advantages

Bouncers (or Doorman) already avert potential dangers at the door. This reduces the number of interventions within the premises and increases the security perception of guests and visitors.

Our bouncers

When selecting our bouncers, we attach great importance to a well-groomed appearance, friendly manners, correct clothing and a deescalating attitude.

Depending on the type of event (concert, club, disco, bar, etc.) we provide an appropriate number of professional bouncers. We can also design the size and composition of the team (male/female staff) according to your wishes. By providing bouncers and bouncers, your visitors can be optimally met in advance.

How we prepare our bouncers / doorman

Many years of experience in security services in Berlin as well as regular training courses help in the early detection of dangers and enable suitable measures to be taken. In addition to a natural knowledge of the English language, our employees combine friendliness, physical and psychological resilience as well as helpfulness. Our focus is on de-escalation, a seamless course of your event as well as the safety perception of your guests.

Range of services of Clear Security bouncers in Berlin and Brandenburg

Clear Security GmbH doorman will check the entrance at your party or event and ensure security and a smooth procedure. The following tasks are the responsibility of the Clear Security bouncers:

  • Exercise of domiciliary rights
  • Identity card control / ticket control
  • Operation of radio and video systems
  • Early de-escalation
  • Selection of guests according to the client’s wishes (checking the guest list)
  • Verification of the carriage of prohibited objects
  • Prevention of theft and vandalism
  • Access control in the entrance area
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